Horse Rug Care

How To Destroy Your Horse Rug

DO NOT – Wash it your self in a detergent, doing this will destroy the waterproof qualities of your rug. The detergent will remove any waterproofing product that the rug may retain and also break down the waterproof membrane that is applied to the inner surface of out door rug material.
Horse Rug Care
DO NOT – Use a bio type washing product on any horse rug, not only it will effect its water proof qualities but will put your horse at risk of a skin allergy.

DO NOT – Wash it your self with a power or pressure washer, this will blow away the waterproof membrane on the inside of the rug material, again making it useless as a turnout rug.

DO NOT – Pressure washers also push the dirt into the rug, so the out side may look clean but all you have done is move the dirt out of sight into your rug. See the pic of the inside of a out door rug wrecked by a pressure washer.

DO NOT – Store your rugs wet and damp and forget about them till September! Many rugs have cotton or non synthetic linings, when stored damp mildew will literally eat the linings out of a rug. We have had rugs that the whole lining has disintegrated in the washing machine because of this.

REMEMBER – Always give the rug a good airing if you are not using it and never put it in a bin liner wet, this will rot it!

Horse Rug Care Solution

Your best horse rug care solution is of course, give the team at Rugwash a call when you have finished using the rug for the winter. We will do the rest for you!

For more information on your horse rug laundry needs please call us on 0140 386 44 88.