We endeavour to keep the cost of repairs & cleaning as low as possible and have sourced various suppliers of quality rug fittings and materials at the most competitive prices.

All prices are inclusive of Vat

  • Wash outdoor and stable rugs £11.75
  • Outdoor rug wash and reproof £18.80
  • Pony Rugs (5″3′ or under) wash £8.70
  • Pony Rugs (5″3′ or under) wash & proof £12.50
  • Sheets £5.40
  • Fleece £10.80
  • Coolers £8.10
  • Neck covers wash £4.10
  • Neck covers wash and re-proof £4.70
  • Travel boots (set of four) £10.80
  • Numnahs £2.35
  • Jackets wash and re-proof £8.10

Getting Your Rugs To Rugwash

Rugs can be brought to Rugwash at the address below or they can be collected from your yard.

Capons Hill Farm Cowfold West Sussex RH13 8DE

Free Collection Service

As we are all aware the price of fuel is at the moment at all time high, so we have set limits as to how many rugs it is economically viable to pick up, we have set a scale of number of rugs to distance travelled and are:

Minimum number of rugs within a 15 mile radius of Cowfold is 5 rugs

25 mile radius from Cowfold 10 rugs

Over 25 miles from Cowfold 15 rugs

Drop Off Points

You can drop your rugs off at the following:

Powells of Coolham, Beardsdons, Dorking Road, Kingsfold, Nr Horsham

If you have a large yard, an equestrian outlet or feed merchants and would like Rugwash to be your rug cleaning agent please give us a call. We would prefer you to be within a seventy mile radius from Cowfold, RH13 8DE.